script and lyrics by Mo Willems
music by Michael Silversher
Imagine U, Northwestern University

set and puppets by Andrew Marchetti
costumes by Sophia Sinsheimer and Hailey Brunson
lights by Jessica Carson
sound by Jack Hoeg
music direction by Saoirse Lee
stage management by Emma Flanders

photos by Justin Barbin

by Barry Kornhauser
Flint Youth Theater, Flint, Michigan

set and lights by Gene Oliver
costumes by Kendra Babcock
music by Conor Keelan
stage management by Dominique Hinde
balloon wrangling by Jewel Brown

photos by David-Lorne Photographic

James and the Giant Peach
by Roald Dahl
adapted by David Wood
Filament Theatre Ensemble, Chicago 2015

"The production is creative and entertaining, while challenging both its actors and technical team. Utilizing origami props, hand and shadow puppetry and featuring aerial artistry and juggling skills, Filament’s production is a circus of multi-sensory delights. Smoothly and energetically directed by Kathryn Walsh, the show makes excellent use of Sarah JHP Watkins’ large performance area that allows her actors plenty of room to play, climb and swing. The wide, gymnasium-like expanse, is laced with rigging and sports several assorted, surprise-filled trunks and suitcases, whose contents are revealed as the story unfolds. The upstage wall features a large, translucent, peach-shaped screen, upon which the audience is treated to several of the more dramatic moments, all depicted in shadow.

The entire production is inventive, filled with humor and adventure, and sure to hold the interest of youngsters of all ages. Whether or not familiar with Roald Dahl’s delightful novel, this production will captivate family audiences with its unexpected creativity and unique comedy. Enhanced by Noel Huntzinger’s colorful, cleverly-designed costumes (the multi-legged Centipede takes the prize), Andrew Marchetti’s innovative puppets and props and Matthew Chapman’s evocative sound design, this is an enchanting, much-welcome winter treat that will captivate audiences of all ages."
-Colin Douglas,Chicago Theatre Review

set by Sarah JHP Watkins
costumes by Noel Huntzinger
lights by Jessica Carson
sound by Matthew Chapman
puppets by Andrew Marchetti
music by Timothy McNulty and Ryan Westwood
circus by Nathan Drackett

photos by Kenji Alt
based in Chicago, working everywhere